A Legal Analysis of The Leach Defamation Lawsuit

Our current political climate has loosened many tongues and people don’t want to be held accountable for anything they say, no matter how wrong.  State Representative Jeff Leach is a prime example of this. That’s why when Jeff Leach accused TEXIT supporters of treason and sedition, we stood proudly behind our members and helped sue […]

Rep. Jeff Leach SUED Over Defamatory Comments About TEXIT Supporters

State Representative Jeff Leach (R-Plano) is facing a lawsuit due to defamatory comments he made on social media about TEXIT supporters. In a series of tweets after the filing of the Texas Independence Referendum Act, Rep. Leach accused a TEXIT supporter of treason and sedition. Both are defined crimes under the US Constitution and federal […]

DefendTEXIT.com: Join the Legal Fight for Texas Independence

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to announce the launch of DefendTEXIT.com, a dedicated website focused on supporting the legal defense efforts in our ongoing fight for Texas independence. As the TEXIT movement gains momentum, it is crucial to ensure that our legal battles are well-funded and prepared to withstand any challenges that may […]

Texas AG Ken Paxton Files Amicus Brief On TNM v. Facebook Lawsuit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed an amicus brief in the TNM vs. Meta lawsuit that has challenged Facebook’s ability to censor Texans. The lawsuit has not only caused Meta to stop censoring The Texas Nationalist Movement, but it has shaken big tech lawyers and will likely hold social media giants to Texas HB […]

TEXIT Is Now On Trial In TNM’s Lawsuit Against Facebook Censorship

The TNM is about to make history again. This time we are poised to relitigate and destroy one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever rendered related to the right of self-government – Texas v White. The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is currently in a legal battle with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, over […]

Facebook REVERSES Link Ban After Filing of TEXIT’s Class Action Lawsuit

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has reversed its censorship of TEXIT after the Texas Nationalist Movement filed a class action lawsuit under Texas’ new anti-censorship legislation. The lawsuit, which according to legal scholars, had “tech lawyers running scared” was filed in State District Court in Jefferson County. Meta’s attorneys have recently requested that the […]

Should TEXIT Supporters Sue Opposers Who Accuse Us of Treason?

A favorite tactic of those opposed to TEXIT is to hurl the accusations of “treason” and “sedition” at TEXIT supporters without understanding what these words mean. Perhaps they should brush up on the meaning of another word – defamation. Because these self-proclaimed heralds of truth love to wield their words with reckless abandon, one word […]