A Legal Analysis of The Leach Defamation Lawsuit

Our current political climate has loosened many tongues and people don’t want to be held accountable for anything they say, no matter how wrong. 

State Representative Jeff Leach is a prime example of this.

That’s why when Jeff Leach accused TEXIT supporters of treason and sedition, we stood proudly behind our members and helped sue Jeff Leach for defamation. 

While the lawsuit was just recently dismissed, this week’s episode was recorded prior to the judge’s decision. Our deep dive into this groundbreaking case will still, nonetheless, provide you with the best insight to understand this ruling and what it means for TEXIT supporters now. 

Today, we are joined by the famed fired-up Texas lawyer, attorney on the Leach lawsuit, and friend of the TNM, Paul Davis. We discuss the first oral arguments in this litigation and what this hearing means for the future of Texas. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

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All in all, for this case to be dismissed, State Rep. Jeff Leach was forced to admit that TEXIT, or supporting TEXIT, is not treason or sedition. 

While this may be seen as a victory for Leach, it’s just public record that Jeff Leach had to eat his own words when faced with the law. 

You see, it’s up to us to hold politicians accountable for the words they say. As soon as they’re publicly called out or in Leach’s case, taken to court, they are forced to stop spreading their baseless lies. 

Leach may have won his game of checkers, but the TNM is playing a game of chess, and ultimately, we just took one more step toward Texas Independence. 

Nevertheless, fighting these battles against incompetent politicians like Jeff Leach takes time, effort, and money. What Paul Davis and many other TNM officials are doing in these legal cases is a major aspect of advancing the cause of Texas independence, so we ask you to consider donating to TEXIT’s legal defense fund. Any amount counts towards holding these politicians accountable. Donate by clicking here.

Also, if you have not signed our petition to put TEXIT on the March primary ballot yet, please take the time to do so! Once we get enough signatures, the TNM will force the TEXIT question on the primary ballots. So, share with your friends, family, and even neighbors! Sign our petition by clicking here

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