The Texas Nationalist Movement is on the frontlines of defending our right to vote on TEXIT. As we battle legal challenges and opposition, the TNM Legal Defense Fund ensures our message of independence and self-governance remains strong. Your support is crucial in safeguarding our cause and empowering Texans to determine their destiny. Together, we can create a future where the Lone Star State shines brighter than ever.

Purpose of

Legal Defense Fund

Defending Our Right to Independence

The TNM Legal Defense Fund is committed to empowering the TEXIT movement by defending the referendum, challenging unconstitutional overreach, and advocating for Texas independence. We ensure compliance with all legal requirements and maintain transparency in our operations. By supporting the Legal Defense Fund, you help safeguard the future of Texas and its citizens.

About the

Legal Defense Fund

Empowering the TEXIT Movement through Legal Support and Advocacy

The Texas Independence Referendum Act faces opposition from those who wish to deny Texans their right to vote on independence. The Legal Defense Fund supports efforts to defend the legality of the TEXIT referendum and ensure that the people’s voice is heard.

Federal overreach and unconstitutional actions threaten the rights and liberties of Texans. The TNM Legal Defense Fund enables us to challenge these infringements and protect the sovereignty of our state.

The TNM is committed to operating within the bounds of the law and maintaining the highest level of transparency. The Legal Defense Fund ensures we have the resources to navigate complex legal requirements and maintain compliance with all regulations.

The TNM Legal Defense Fund is vital to securing TEXIT's success, providing essential resources to challenge opposition, protect our rights, and advance the cause of Texas independence.

The TNM Legal Defense Fund plays a crucial role in empowering the TEXIT movement by defending the Texas Independence Referendum Act against opposition, challenging unconstitutional federal overreach, and advocating for Texas independence. Our dedicated efforts ensure the people’s voice is heard and the sovereignty of our state is protected.

In addition, the Legal Defense Fund supports compliance with legal requirements and maintains transparency, reflecting the TNM’s commitment to the highest ethical standards. Your contributions make a real difference in our fight for independence and the future of Texas.


Most Frequent Questions

The TNM Legal Defense Fund supports the Texas Nationalist Movement’s legal efforts to defend the TEXIT referendum, challenge unconstitutional overreach, advocate for Texas independence, and ensure compliance and transparency.

The funds raised will be directed solely towards legal expenses, including retaining attorneys, filing legal challenges, and covering associated court fees and costs.

You can donate to the TNM Legal Defense Fund through our secure online donation platform on the website.

Yes, you can choose to make a recurring donation to support the ongoing legal efforts.

Yes, we take the privacy and security of our donors very seriously. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

The TNM is committed to transparency and will provide updates on our legal efforts and accomplishments, detailing how the Legal Defense Fund is being utilized to advance the cause of Texas independence.

For larger contributions or to discuss planned giving options, please contact our fundraising team directly through the contact information provided on the website.

Yes, you can choose to donate anonymously to the TNM Legal Defense Fund. When making your donation, simply select the option to remain anonymous, and your personal information will not be publicly acknowledged.

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